PartyLite Sneaks into Spring with the Lush Scent of Peonies

by Jodi Teal

Yearning for a little spring? It seems such a long way off. But not when you open the new PartyLite Winter/Spring 2016 catalog!


Peonies! Imagine having a brand new Peony Escential Jar™ Scented Candle burning in your home right now. You can start drinking in the scent of peonies and savoring any of the 45 exclusive PartyLite fragrances from the latest home fragrance collection . . . no matter what the weather’s like outside.

Get set to bring spring to life with amazing new fragrances like Driftwood, Pink Grapefruit, Strawberry Surrender, Bamboo Breeze, Fresh Citrus Nectar, Fresh Lavender Sandalwood and Vanilla Black Pepper – as well as dozens of PartyLite scents you already know and love.

Treat yourself to exclusive new décor – candles and candleholders that bring the glorious greens and blues of springtime into your home. Here’s a sneak peek at one group that’s super spring fabulous – Blue Agave!

WS16_S001_P92070_A_PRESALE (2).jpg

Collections you love have been expanded, such as Clearly Creative™, Fresh Home by PartyLite™ (now with NEOFRESH) and GloLite by PartyLite®. Brighter World™ by PartyLite now takes you all the way to the island of Madagascar where the sweet vanilla bean for the new PartyLite Vanilla Black Pepper fine soy candles is sourced.


New ways to freshen all your spaces are here, too, including the innovative GoSmart™ Mobile Holder. Insert SmartScents by PartyLite™ fragrance stick sections in the holder, and enjoy continuous scent in the car, closet, laundry room, gym back, locker – anywhere!  


If it’s time for a little springtime at your house, sneak a peek at all that’s fresh and beautiful in the newest PartyLite catalog - online now! 

Create Glowing Holiday Magic with GloLite by PartyLite Candles

by Jodi Teal

It’s finally here – everyone’s favorite season of the year! Your home is decorated for the holidays, and you’re hosting dinners, parties and wonderful celebrations.

Now’s the time get your glow going! 

The beautiful magic of candlelight is always the crowning glory of the holiday season. But only PartyLite offers you GloLite by PartyLite® - The World’s Brightest Candle™. It’s simply a whole different kind of candle.

GloLite scented candles come in jars or pillars and actually glow from the very top all the way to the very bottom the second they’re lit, providing instant glamour and drama wherever you put them. They create a mesmerizing effect and make any space truly gorgeous. Most people are astonished the first time they experience them – and your holiday guests will be, too.


There are solid red, red and white swirl, and even black and cream striped GloLite pillar candles. Choose unscented or one of seven rich scents, ranging from subtle fragrances like Iced Snowberries to seasonal favorites like Crimson Berry. Or choose one of the GloLite Decorated Jar Candles in top-selling Forbidden Fruits Fig Fatale or GloStrong™ Forever Mango.

You can also create a festive color show by placing white GloLite Jar Candles on PartyLite Color-Changing Candle Bases.

glolite 2.jpg

Where to use GloLite candles? EVERYWHERE! They’re superb in groups. They work on the chest in your front hall, the dining table, a holiday buffet, the living room mantel, on side tables and coffee tables, on a kitchen island – anywhere you want the magical glow of candlelight.

Bring out all of your GloLite by PartyLite candles for the holidays. And be thankful that they last such a long time because you’ll want them for celebrations way into the New Year, too.

Bring in a Shining New Year with Glamorous PartyLite Candlelight

by Jodi Teal

If you’re throwing a New Year’s Eve party, think red and gold and silver and black, with lots of shiny metals. Got a cocktail dress or shirt with shimmer? Wear it! Got some great silver pieces? Polish them up! This is your night to shine.

And be sure to welcome your guests, as well as the New Year, with all your favorite scented candles and the gorgeous golden glow of candlelight – everywhere.

You may already have the glamorous PartyLite pieces you need:

Crimson Sparkle Hurricane and Crimson Sparkle Votive Holder.  These mouth-blown, etched glass pieces can take center stage on New Year’s Eve. Put them in front of a mirror in an entrance hall for double the effect. Group them on the mantelpiece. Or place them in the middle of your dining room table. Think multiples. They’re definite showstoppers!

Clearly Creative™ Eclectic Votive Trio. You’ll never go wrong, all year long, with this clearly beautiful trio. For New Year’s Eve, fill the blown glass vases with sparkling holiday balls in red, silver and gold. Anywhere you put them says, “Celebrate!”

Warm Hearts Tealight Holder and Optic Diamond Votive Holder. For even more silvery sparkle, look no further than precious Warm Hearts Tealight Holders. Then add in the alluring sparkle of diamonds. Don’t have diamonds? Just use a few of these pressed glass Optic Diamond Votive Holders that sparkle like 100 carats!


Starburst Wall Sconce. And for the wall over your buffet, hang this headliner! With a diameter of 24¾”, this is the ultimate statement piece – for New Year’s Eve and every other night of the year. A shining metal starburst with mirror glass, acrylic details and five glass cups, the sconce holds votives or tealights, and it always gets a standing ovation.


This Holiday, Spread Joy with PartyLite Gifts That Give Back

by Jodi Teal

Have hard-to-shop-for people on your gift list? Here’s an idea they’ll love. Give each one a gift that keeps on giving!  

Giving back is a wonderful feeling, any time of the year. But during the holiday season, when we feel so grateful for the blessings we have, we’re especially moved to help others.

Here are some wonderful, give-back choices from PartyLite:

GloLite by PartyLite® GloStrong™ Forever Mango Scented Jar Candle.  Just light the two wicks and this beautiful scented candle glows instantly from top to bottom! The yummy scent is sunny mango and tropical fruits. While this special candle wears its pretty heart on its sleeve, it will warm your recipient’s heart, too, because a portion of the purchase price is donated by PartyLite to the American Cancer Society in the United States or to Children’s Miracle Network in Canada.

Brighter World™ by PartyLite Candles. These beautiful, fine soy candles are made with precious fragrance ingredients from around the globe. PartyLite partners with renowned fragrance house Givaudan to give back to the communities where our essential fragrance oils are sourced. Our support makes a difference in the lives of people in communities where our contribution helps fund the renovation and building of village schools – making their world a brighter place!


Brighter Home™ by PartyLite Soapstone Tealight Holders are crafted using socially responsible practices that honor cultural craft traditions, including sensitivity to the environment. In addition to two styles of the Soapstone Tealight Holders, hand-made by artisans in India, is a glorious Recycled Glass Hurricane, mouth-blown in Europe, with a base made of beechwood from certified sustainable forests. Supporting these traditional artisans empowers them and helps ensure a better future for them and their families

These special candles and décor pieces warm our rooms and warm our hearts all year long. But during the holidays, they speak eloquently of our hope for a brighter future for people everywhere.  

PartyLite Says ‘Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!’

by Jodi Teal

Dreaming of a White Christmas? For some of us, it may only be a dream. 

Perhaps we live where it never snows. Or maybe we live where it usually snows, but the weather forecaster says, “Probably not this year.”

Well, feel free to create a snow scene in any room you like, thanks to PartyLite scented candles, LEDs and “snowy” PartyLite candleholders. 

Snow Tealight Holders. These adorable tealight holders will do the job perfectly!  There’s a Rudy, a Santa and a tealight holder starring them both.

tealight holders.jpg

Light Illusions™ LED Snowy Trees. Treat yourself to a grove of these glowing, glittery LED trees, covered in beautiful white snow. Your snowy scene will come to life, making you sure you need mittens!

LED trees .jpg

ReminiScent® by PartyLite Scented Jar Candles. These fabulous candles are covered in snowflakes for a great reason: They hold three classic seasonal scents that bring the snow (without the brrr…) right into your rooms. Choose the ones you love best, or choose them all:   Crimson Berry – sparkling red berries mingled with festive spices and caramel. Iced Snowberries™ - the scent of icy freshness coating sweet berries and fruits. Or Emerald Balsam – the fragrance of balsam and pine from the wintery woods. You can choose bigger jars for you and Mini Jar Candle Trio sets as gifts for snow-loving friends!

jar candles.jpg

Snowflakes Tealight Trio. Get ready to fall for this super pretty trio in red, gold and silver. Each is covered in the most charming snowflakes! Two sets of these, right on your Christmas dinner table, will definitely make it a White Christmas at your house, no matter what the temperature is outside.

candle holders .jpg

Grace Your Home with the PartyLite Nativity Set and Lovely Angels of Light

by Jodi Teal

“Oh come all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant, oh come ye, oh come ye, to Bethlehem.”

The words of this traditional Christmas carol invite all to celebrate the beautiful Nativity scene. “Bring a torch, Jeanette, Isabella” is what the French sing.  So many carols in so many languages speak of shining light – like the brightest star in the sky above, guiding the Three Kings to the stable. 

No wonder, then, that glowing candlelight is traditionally the perfect illumination for Nativity scenes in so many homes each year.

This year, PartyLite is proud to introduce its Traditional Nativity Set, perfectly suited to a fireplace mantel or tabletop in your home. The scene is traditional while pieces are, in fact, simple and clean-lined, in bright white porcelain with touches of gold.  

The set comprises three individual sculptures with hand-painted details – Joseph, the Three Kings, and Madonna and Child.  Each sculpture holds a single tealight, and, together, they provide a heavenly glow.

You can choose the full Traditional Nativity Set of three pieces, or Joseph and the Three Kings as a set of two pieces, or simply the Madonna and Child.    

PartyLite Nativity Set .jpg

A fine complement to the Traditional Nativity scene is the PartyLite Angels of Light Tealight Trio. These three ethereal angels, composed of sculptural glass with spare touches of gold, surely add a sense of inspiration for peace and hope to come.

PartyLite Angel Tealight Trio .jpg

SmartScents by PartyLite Flameless Fragrance for Every Room

by Jodi Teal

If your passion is fragrance, and you adore scented candles, right now you’re absolutely craving your favorite seasonal scents. You just love it everywhere!

But one thing you know - it’s smart to be in a room when a candle is burning. So what about rooms you’re rarely in – like the powder room, playroom, den or mud room? What about that man cave?

That’s where you need flameless fragrance. Fragrance Oil with Reeds or those fabulous PartyLite ScentGlow® Warmers with Scent Plus® Melts – all are terrific choices. 

And then there’s the newest, easiest flameless fragrance ever - SmartScents by PartyLite™.  

Fragrance-infused, rolled paper sticks crafted of wood from a responsibly managed forest - each SmartScents stick provides the fragrance you crave for up to 30 days. No oils, no flame, no spills. 

Each pack provides five fragrance sticks in one of 14 different scents. Treat yourself to a few packs. Use one stick for mild scenting; add more sticks for stronger scent. Or Invent Your Scent™ by mixing two or more different scented sticks together to make it truly personal. 

PartyLite offers nine charming ceramic holders designed especially to hold SmartScents sticks. They’re the perfect touch in any room, any time.

Come to think of it, SmartScents make a great holiday present for someone in your office, or someone who’s invited you to a holiday party, or to send back to school with a student living in a dorm. Now that’s a room that could probably really use some festive flameless fragrance around the clock! 

Put a Fragrant PartyLite Christmas Tree in Every Room

by Jodi Teal

You’ve seen those amazing tours of The White House at Christmas time, where there’s a different Christmas tree in every room, and each is beautiful! 

If a Christmas tree in every room sounds great to you, PartyLite has delightful and fragrant tree choices for you this season, including these:

Ribbon Tree Tealight Holders swirl merrily skyward in shiny red and green metal. The taller tree (17 ¾”high) and its shorter partner (9 ¼” high) make a charming duo. Add a few favorite ornaments, like small red glass balls. Light up tealights in one of your favorite fragrances, and what a charming tree you’ll see!  

The Silver Snowflake Tealight Tree brings super shine and shimmer into any room. At 17 ¾” high, it holds a full dozen of your favorite scented tealight candles on its shiny metal branches. Dangle a dozen little ornaments you love on the hooks, and you have a statement tree in your own personal style.  

Light Illusions™ LED Snowy Trees provide a sense of soft, wintery white, snow-covered evergreens - just perfect in spaces where you may not want a candle. Or mix them in with your scented candles. Their gorgeous glow adds glamour when combined with jar candles, votives or tealights grouped on a mantel or right on your holiday table! 

While your PartyLite Christmas trees will be measured in inches, not feet, they are sure to bring fragrance and joy to every room throughout this season and for many more to come. 


Reindeer Up on Your Roof? Invite Them Inside!

by Jodi Teal

Sometimes it just starts with a melody in your head that just won’t go away, like, “Up on the housetop, reindeer pause … Out jumps Good Ol’ Santa Clause….” 

Too early to think about reindeer? Of course not. You know you’re already thinking about how to make your home beautiful for the holidays. And while PartyLite has always been there for you, PartyLite is here for you in lots of beautiful and fragranced ways this season as well!

So, while you’re humming about those reindeer up on your roof, “pause” to check out these must-have holiday décor items:

For the most charming winter statement piece, treat yourself to the Woodland Deer Votive Hurricane made of photo-etched metal. It comes with a glass cup, is 6 ½“ high, and the cup can hold a votive or tealight. Without the cup, you can use an Escential Jar Scented Candle. Either way, it’s stunning.

reindeer 1.jpg

Good news! You can put reindeer in all kinds of wonderful places! For example, the sleek and shiny Endearing Tealight Holder Pair – Champagne Edition can go on a mantle, tabletop or anywhere you choose. One is 8½” high, the other is 10½” high, and the tealights they hold will provide the shimmering holiday glow you love.

reindeer 2.5.jpg

Introducing the adorable Reindeer Family Tealight Trio. You get a whole reindeer family in metal. The Doe is 5” high, the Buck is 6” high and the sweet little Fawn on his knees is 3½” high. Irresistible!

reindeer 3.jpg

While Rudolph pauses on your roof outside, count on these classic art pieces to light up your home inside and enchant and delight family and friends of all ages this season. Add wonderfully woodsy fragrance to each, and, in a twinkling, your décor is complete!

Beloved Ballet Inspires PartyLite Home Fragrances and Holiday Candles

by Jodi Teal

How could it ever be Christmas without The Nutcracker? 

It’s that wonderful story of the little girl who falls asleep and dreams a magical holiday dream – her toy nutcracker turns into a handsome prince who flies her away in a sleigh to The Land of Sweets. The story became the beloved ballet, seen by more people in the world than any other.    

With its lush musical score by Tchaikovsky, The Nutcracker Ballet was first performed more than 100 years ago in Russia!  It was re-choreographed in 1954 by the great George Balanchine, and ever since it has been a cherished Christmas tradition nearly everywhere.

PartyLite has found such charming ways to bring The Nutcracker into your home this holiday season, with delightful jar candles and wonderful new scents to fill your rooms with the sweet flavors of holiday desserts:

You might start with a pair of the new Nutcracker Tealight/Taper Holders in either red or gold:

Be sure to treat your family and guests to the wonderful new Sugarplum Sweet Just Desserts™ by PartyLite in two enchanting new scents for the season:

Sugarplum Fairies - Filled with the sweetness of sugared plums and dark berries.

Nutcracker Sweet – Capturing the joy of childhood Christmas treats – cinnamon, mulled spices and vanilla.

You’ll love these fragrances in the Just Desserts Scented Mini Jar Candle Pair, or with an added layer of Marshmallow Peppermint in the Just Desserts Nutcracker Layered 3-Wick Jar Candle. And look!  There’s another pair of Nutcrackers in softer colors– the Just Desserts Nutcracker Tealight Pair:

Nutcracker 2b.jpg

Whatever age we are, we love this traditional holiday tale. This season, create fragrant new Nutcracker memories with PartyLite.

When You’re the Guest, PartyLite Scented Candles Are the Perfect Host Gift

by Jodi Teal

You’ll be going to so many different kinds of holiday celebrations this season – dinners, brunches, cocktail parties, an open house, an afternoon drop-over, maybe even a weekend stay-over. 

Wondering what to bring your hosts? Wine? Flowers? Candy? All are nice, but they disappear fast. Take something memorable, like a glorious PartyLite scented candle. It’s the gift they can enjoy for hours and hours to come. Consider these:

The beautiful PartyLite Escential Jar™ Candle provides 40-60 hours of rich fragrance in a choice of more than 30 scents. It comes in lovely gift packaging at a perfect price - $16 for one; special holiday price, three for $35!

Jar candles .jpg

The Fresh Home by PartyLite™ Collection includes impressive 3-Wick Jar Candles with lovely soft, subtle scents that double as convenient odor neutralizers.

Do your hosts have pets? Choose Perfect Pet, a lemony verbena blend with floral notes that freshen up pet-friendly spaces.  Brighter Days is a sweet citrus blend freshened with florals -- perfect in the kitchen. Greener Grass™ provides dewy green notes touched by woodland florals for the family room. Bluer Skies™ brings crisp fresh air notes with a hint of citrus to the bathroom. These 3-Wick Jar Candles are $26 and last 35-55 hours. 

Fresh Home by PartyLite .jpg

Fig Fatale, the top-selling Forbidden Fruits by PartyLite™ fragrance, is a blend of sensual fig, succulent fruits and velvety vanilla. Hosts will love the fragrance, and the sophisticated black gift packaging adds to the allure. Choose either the stunning Fig Fatale Scented Jar Candle for $25 or the superb Fig Fatale 3-Wick Jar Candle with Lid for $35. 


Of course, there are dozens of other scented selections from PartyLite, the best home fragrance brand in the world. Contact your Consultant and order a nice selection of your favorites now to have on hand as holiday gifts. While you at it, “gift” yourself, too!

Cozy, Comforting PartyLite Scents Make You Feel Warm Inside

by Jodi Teal

Roasted chicken.  Rice pudding. Apple pie.

They make us feel nostalgic and sentimental and all warm and cozy inside. And at this time of year, with the weather chilling down outside, we really crave our favorite comfort foods.  Brrrr . . . outside?  Mmmm . . . warm inside.

Well, our sense of smell is even more powerful than our sense of taste. Did you know there are actually comfort scents, too? And PartyLite has them.

New this season is the Nordic Wonder collection. Create your own warm, cozy space inside with three scented candles, starting with the Layered 3-Wick Jar Candle. Just right for the holidays, with one layer of each scent. And a Scented Mini Jar Candle Trio with one mini jar candle in each of these scents:


Cashmere – Wood notes and spices to comfort you with the coziness of your favorite blanket.

Spiced Cognac – Smoky spices combined with vanilla-infused cognac to warm your soul.

Fireside – Rich spices, smoldering woods and a touch of musk to make you feel toasty warm all over.

Light up all three scents at once, and you’ll wrap your room with warmth!  Then, if you should also want to savor your own favorite comfort food – why not? 

How to Keep Your PartyLite Candles Beautiful and Safe During the Holidays

by Jodi Teal

Now that the holiday entertaining season is kicking into high gear, you’re bringing out all of your seasonal decorations to create the warm, welcoming atmosphere you love. 

High up on your list are your favorite PartyLite scented candles. They welcome guests from the moment they enter your front hall straight through to your living room, dining room, family room and kitchen.

Candles are, literally, the stage lights for the scene you’ve set. They infuse your home with everyone’s favorite seasonal fragrances, and they bring the magical glow of candlelight to all of your holiday celebrations.

But please remember: To keep your much-loved candles glowing beautifully and safely for hours and hours, you need to take good care of them and make sure they burn safely. Here’s how:

Light candles in the rooms you’ll really be In – That’s always the safest plan. For other rooms, PartyLite offers all kinds of wonderful flameless fragrance choices.

Avoid drafts – Always position candles and candleholders away from downdrafts from air conditioning and heating vents or open windows to ensure an even burn and longer candle life.

 Snip the wicks to ¼ inch before lighting your candles. Which candles to snip? PartyLite offers so many wonderful forms! Check out this handy chart to see which wicks need snipping and which ones don’t:

Keep the wicks carbon-free – If any black carbon balls build up on a wick, extinguish the candle and snip off the carbon before re-lighting to maintain an even, soot-free burn.

Burn pillar candles at least one hour for each inch of diameter – For example, if a pillar has a 3-inch diameter, burn the candle for at least three hours. This practice prevents little gullies from forming and ensures a longer, even, clean-burning candle life.

Arrange candles together safely Add 2 inches between candles in any arrangement you make. That way, they won’t melt each other’s wax!

Snuff them out; don’t blow them out PartyLite candles have the best wicks in the world.  To keep them carefully centered, which is important for maintaining their great burn, extinguish your candles with a snuffer.

Press wax inward on round candles – After extinguishing pillar candles, gently press the soft wax inward to maintain the round shape. This chart lists the candles you need to “hug” this way

After-Party Candle Care

After your holiday dinner or party is over and it’s clean-up time, here are two great secrets to maintaining your candles:

Remove wax residue from votive holders – The coolest trick for getting wax out of a candle holder? Just place the holder in your refrigerator for about an hour, then pop the wax loose with gentle thumb or finger pressure. 

Keep your candles gleaming – To clean and shine your pillar candles, your best tool is a piece of old pantyhose. Try it. It really works!

Best wishes to one and all from PartyLite for a truly happy, glowing and safe holiday season!





Prepare for Compliments with PartyLite Scents in Clearly Creative Candleholders

by Jodi Teal

You’re already planning holiday dinners, seasonal parties, lunches, brunches and all kinds of great gatherings during everyone’s favorite entertaining season ahead.

Impress your guests and prepare for compliments when they see the welcoming glow of candlelight, are charmed by your seasonal scents and stand in awe of your amazing personal style.

That’s why this is the perfect time to invest in your favorite scented candles and in one of the most versatile and popular candleholder collections that PartyLite offers - Clearly Creative™.  

Clearly Creative means exactly that – clear glass shapes of all kinds and sizes to hold your candles plus the creative props you add in. You just choose your glass, choose your candles and scents, add in your festive fillers, and you’ve created your own, beautiful personal fragrance experience:

PLM 1.jpg