Loving Gifts For June Weddings From PartyLite

by Jodi Teal

June’s the month for gifts celebrating love – bridal showers, weddings, engagement parties, bridesmaid gifts – so many happy occasions!   

Sending a couple of bath towels off a registry list may not express your love and creative spirit. Instead, you want your loving gifts to be truly creative and original. Right? 

Worry not. PartyLite has gifts for all those special June occasions that will truly surprise and delight each recipient. For instance, consider the following wedding gift ideas:

1.  Clearly Creative™ is the perfect PartyLite collection for a truly original – and absolutely beautiful – wedding gift.  These versatile, clear-glass pieces tap into the recipient’s own creativity since each  can be filled with seasonal blossoms, fruits, nuts, shells, ribbons, corks – whatever! Two special Clearly Creative pieces make absolutely gorgeous wedding gifts:

Clearly Creative Imperial Candle Holder – At 22” inches high, this blown-glass beauty is graceful, classic and majestic. It looks amazing wherever you put it. It comes with a metal candle hanger and a 3-tealight tree, or it can easily hold a GloLite Jar Candle, Escential Jar Candle, or Pillar Candle. $180.

Clearly Creative Elevated Votive Centerpiece – This simple, blown-glass bowl makes a strong statement on a dining table. Votives or tealights rest in a tray holding either in clear glass cups. Add candles above, flowers or fruit below, and wow!  It’s a centerpiece that’s truly one-of-a-kind. $90.

2. The Brighter Home™ by PartyLite décor collection is filled with handcrafted items made with environmental sensitivity. 

The Brighter Home Recycled Glass Hurricane is a spectacular wedding gift for a couple that cares about the environment. It is mouth-blown in Europe out of 100% post-consumer, recycled glass. The result is a charming, classically shaped bubble-glass hurricane atop a beechwood base made from certified, sustainable forests. Standing 13” high, it comes with its own metal 3-tealight stand and can also hold an Escential or GloLite Jar Candle or a Pillar Candle.  $150

3. For that matter, any PartyLite Hurricane is a wonderful wedding gift.  Consider the Vine Mosaic Hurricane.  A stunning, art-nouveau design exuding glamour, this sophisticated mosaic glass piece comes with leveling beads to hold an Escential or GloLite Jar Candle or Pillar Candle. It can also be bought as a set with its own silver-tone Universal Tealight Tree.  $95/set  

4. Need a sweet gift for a bridal shower or engagement party? The little glass Warm Hearts Tealight Holder says it all, with its lovely heart shape and antiqued silvery finish. $12.  Add in a dozen tealights for only $10 more, and you’ll charm every gift recipient who opens it. 

5. Need bridesmaid or groomsmen gifts?  The Forbidden Fruits Travel Tealight Holder is a delightful (and handsome) choice. The metal candle holder with hinged lid tucks inside its own travel case. So nice to have when traveling for work and pleasure.  $30.

Here’s another idea. Choose exactly the PartyLite candle décor gift you love. Then add in a gift certificate for the candles so your recipient gets to choose the scents. You can do it all at PartyLite.com. Or your PartyLite Consultant can make it happen for you.  

One last idea. You can choose one of the more expensive pieces for free by hosting a Party. Earn gifts you need to give and let PartyLite “gift” you as well! Ask your Consultant about that, too.

June Gift Challenges? Let PartyLite Solve Them For You!

by Jodi Teal

June is the month when you always seem to need one great little gift idea after another, right?

Dads and grads.  Kids’ teachers. Coaches and scout leaders. An anniversary.  A birthday. And don’t forget the piano teacher. Running in and out of stores? Hoping to spot something great for each person? Running out of time? Well, PartyLite has oodles of cool ideas for all of your June gift needs. Like these:

Father’s Day

·  Dad loves baseball? Get him the Play Ball! ScentGlow Warmer - $35. It’s a home run.   

·  Does he love a masculine scented candle? Try the Nature’s Light by PartyLite Scented Jar Candle with its wooden wick and Tamboti Safari scent - $25. 

·  Does he love cocktails? How about a Beach Fun Escential Jar by PartyLite scented with Poolside Passion – that’s mango and rum stirred with a splash of lime - $15.  


·  Does your grad love desserts? Check out the Just Desserts™ Set – a 3-Wick Jar Candle Stand with a layered 3-Wick Jar Candle in Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Lemon Lime macaroon, and Marshmallow peppermint.  It’s a $40 value for only $30.

·  Is your grad passionate about the environment? Consider Brighter World™ by PartyLite. These scented natural soy blend jar candles from exotic locales help to support sustainable agriculture and regional conservation in remote communities from Laos to the African coast. They come in five amazing fragrances.  $25.

·  Is your grad a soccer fan? Then the Match Day ScentGlow Warmer is perfect. $35. 

Teacher Thank You

·  Every teacher will love the GloStrong™ GloLite Jar Candle in Forever Mango with its pretty red heart on its sleeve. And there’s a warm-your-heart plus – a portion of every purchase is donated to the American Cancer Society in the United States and Children’s Miracle Network in Canada.  $26.

·  Any teacher would enjoy traveling the world (no passport needed) with a Discovery by PartyLite Jar Candle in Japanese Yuzu, Hawaiian Hibiscus, Indian Blue Lotus & Ginger or Costa Rican Fruta Dorada.  $20.

·  For a teacher who might appreciate a flameless fragrance gift, there’s the SmartScents Set. It has a 5-pack of Lemon Melon Mint Decorative Fragrance Sticks and a lovely, white Sandstone Holder. A $27 value for only $20.25.   


Back next week with fabulous ideas for weddings, wedding parties, engagement gifts, too. Meanwhile, let PartyLite take away your June gift stress. Call your Consultant or visit PartyLite and order it all – without ever looking for a parking space.

Let PartyLite Help Show Mom How Much You Love Her!

by Jodi Teal

Mother’s Day is on its way on May 10. So, seriously, one more time you’re giving her flowers or a box of chocolates?  

Wouldn’t you rather surprise and delight Mom with an incredibly sweet, long-lasting gift that doesn’t wilt or contain a single calorie?  

PartyLite Gift Sets are the way to go! They’re delightful, surprising and fun. And, as it happens, they are very affordable. For example:

GloLite by PartyLite® GloStrong™ Forever Mango Scented Jar CandleLight the two wicks, and this candle glows from top to bottom instantly! The yummy scent is sunny mango and tropical fruits, and there’s a pretty red heart on the outside of the jar to show Mom how much you love her. You’ll also warm her heart by sharing that PartyLite donates a portion of every purchase of these special jar candles to the American Cancer Society in the United States or to Children’s Miracle Network in Canada. It’s a heart-felt gift that keeps on giving.  $26

Just Desserts™Set – Here come the non-caloric sweets! The Just Desserts Layered 3-Wick Jar Candle has three layers of scent: Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Marshmallow Peppermint and Lemon Lime Macaroon. Pretty white swirls on the outside of the candle coordinate perfectly with the footed 3-Wick Jar Candle Stand included in the set. It’s like putting Mom on a pedestal! A $40 value for only $30.

GloLite Set – The unique GloLite Jar is a white two-wick scented jar candle in the popular, mild scent of Iced Snowberries™ - think a dusting of icy freshness coating sweet berries and fruits.  And it comes with the top-selling and amazing Color-Changing Candle Base, which rotates through a rainbow of four spring colors.  So Mom can change the color of this candle -- or any other white jar candle or pillar she has -- whenever she likes!  A $41 value for only $30.75.

May 10 is coming up fast! So order right away – why not today? - so that your sweet gift arrives in plenty of time for Mother’s Day. Prediction: Every time Mom lights whichever special candle you choose for her, she’ll remember what a sweetie pie you are.

PartyLite Observing ‘Earth Hour’ in Special Ways, March 27-29

by Jodi Teal

Lights out! Candles on! That’s how PartyLite will observe Earth Hour, which happens all over the world from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. local time on Saturday, March 28.  

What’s Earth Hour? It’s an annual, global event to raise awareness of climate change and its effect on our planet. As the world’s largest party plan candle company, PartyLite strongly supports Earth Hour. 

You are invited to join PartyLite in observing this important global event by turning out your lights for one hour between 8:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. local time – and lighting candles instead! By participating, you’ll join people in more than 7,000 cities in 163 countries who are doing the same thing – using their personal power to demonstrate a commitment to this planet!

PartyLite is so committed, we’re observing Earth Hour all weekend – March 27-29:

1.     For every Brighter World™ by PartyLite Jar Candle sold from March 27-29, PartyLite will donate $1 to the World Wildlife Fund in support of Earth Hour. Our use of ingredients used in these premium soy blend candles benefits the local communities where they are grown and supports sustainable agricultural practices and regional conservation efforts. By purchasing these wonderful candles during Earth Hour weekend, you’ll be supporting two great causes!

Untitled design-51.png

2.     For Party Hosts – the exclusive opportunity to purchase the Mom and Baby Panda Set for just $18 – not available any other way!

3.     For Party Guests – 1 dozen Brighter World™ by PartyLite Lavender Verbena Tealights free with $50+ purchase.

Plan now to take photos of all your lit candles during Earth Hour, and share them on Instagram, Twitter and our Facebook page. Be sure to include #EarthHour and #PartyLite in every post. We’ll add your photos to our 2015 Earth Hour album and share your love of the planet with the world!

Create Million-Dollar Mood Lighting With PartyLite

by Jodi Teal

How do you create a special mood? As any interior designer will tell you, a key ingredient is lighting. 

But great mood lighting can be complicated, and it can get very expensive.  They don’t call it “million-dollar” mood lighting for no reason!

Think about a chandelier over a dining room table. Finding one you love can be a hassle, and the price can be shocking. Add in the cost of shades for those glaring, bare chandelier bulbs.  Add in a dimmer switch.  And don’t forget to add in the cost of an electrician to install it. Now, you’re up to a pretty substantial figure - and that’s just ONE lighting fixture in ONE room. No wonder customized lighting is such a big part of an interior design budget!

But there’s a much easier, much more affordable way to create any mood you want – exactly where you want it, exactly when you want it.

Think PartyLite, and think CANDLES

If you only think about candles when company’s coming or when there’s a special occasion, you’re missing out on a whole range of other great possibilities. 

Start thinking about the spaces you have.  Then think about all the areas within those spaces where you’d love to create a particular mood or feeling. Really open your mind to ANY place, indoors or out, and ANY time, daytime or evening.  You’re going to love where that kind of thinking takes you when you have candles in mind. 

You’re also going to love what it doesn’t cost to create those moods, and how easily you can change it up whenever the “mood” strikes you.  And keep this mind – the priciest lighting fixtures in the world still have no fragrance!

For sheer inspiration, check out all the “million-dollar” ideas PartyLite offers you – minus the million!

Want Some Cannot-Fail Decorating Ideas? Treat Yourself To Jonathan Adler For PartyLite

by Jodi Teal

Who creates the most interesting living spaces? Invariably, artists do. The rest of us work hard for that look called “eclectic” – meaning a mix of styles. But artists just seem to do it naturally.

It’s not always about money, either. Even artists whose furnishings and objects were found on the street always seem to mix them together perfectly. It’s that sure artist’s eye at work.

So when PartyLite invited famous American artist, sculptor and designer Jonathan Adler to create the Jonathan Adler for PartyLite® Collection, we knew something intriguing was about to happen. 

Jonathan’s first collection for PartyLite debuted last fall – a New York City-inspired group. His next, Safari Chic, debuted in the current Winter/Spring 2015 catalog, inspired, of course, by tribal themes from faraway Africa. Who would ever imagine that those two concepts could be combined? Jonathan Adler, that’s who. Both groups are in the current catalog.  And the great new is - you can’t go wrong mixing any of the pieces together with any of the others.  

Pieces from both collections took center stage on every table at the Humane Society of the United States Gala in New York City last fall. The combined look?  As one guest expressed it: “Wow! The animals by themselves are delightful. But everything mixed together is absolutely amazing!”

Some artists can’t tell you why what they’ve grouped together works, but luckily for all of us, Jonathan Adler can. He tells us that “mingling animal motifs with a splash of metallic is unexpected and fun!” He says, “A touch of the exotic glams up any space.” And he also says, “Every home needs a little gold.”

He shows us how mixed metals, shiny surfaces, glass, silver and gold, the simple beauty of plain white porcelain, a dash of red and a splash of gray and subtly varied heights and shapes all come together for a fabulous grouping – whichever pieces we choose.

Thank you, PartyLite, for bringing a wonderful artist’s eye to all of our own rooms!  And thank you, Jonathan Adler, for sharing your wit and wisdom and sheer artistic talent with all of us.

How About a Brand New Job for the Brand New Year? The Brand New PartyLite Starter Kit Gets You Started!

by Jodi Teal

Were your New Year’s resolutions all about dieting and exercise?  And – if you’re like most of us -- have you already fallen off the wagon? 

Maybe you need some new resolutions. For instance, it’s a Brand New Year. How about a Brand New Job? How about resolving to be your own boss, manage your own time, earn more money and have a whole lot more fun? 
Just ask any PartyLite independent Consultant. You can do all of that – way more easily than dieting and exercising -- starting right now. All you really need to get your own business going is the great-looking, Brand New PartyLite Winter/Spring 2015 Starter Kit. So are you ready? Because it’s here!

This wonderful new kit is filled with loads of great PartyLite fragrance samples, full-size candles and a terrific mix of the latest candle holders and home décor accessories, as well as the business supplies you’ll need. It’s ready to go, ready to show and ready to help you present the total PartyLite experience. 
Ask your PartyLite Consultant how to purchase your kit right this minute for just $99.  Or find out how to earn it free. And be sure to find out how to earn all kinds of free products (valued at $256) to add to your kit during your first month of business. 

You can start loving what you do and loving your life, setting your own schedule and being your own boss. You can do business your way - at Parties, online, on Facebook, one on one! You’ll get all the training and tools and personal help you need.

Join the Party and launch a whole new career for the Brand New Year today!


Got the Post-Holiday Blues? Brighten Up Your Home – It’s a New Year!

by Jodi Teal

It’s time to tuck your holiday ornaments away in their boxes. Down comes the dried-out Christmas tree (can’t have a fire hazard, after all). Same goes for those holiday not-so-greens on the mantel and that drooping wreath outside.     

Warning - short, gray days still ahead. No wonder you’ve got the post-holiday blues, right? You need more light!

Wait just a minute. You’re forgetting the real spirit of the New Year! 

This is the time to re-energize – a time for whole new beginnings. You’ve made all those great resolutions – and plan to stick to them. You’re already exercising more. And you’re looking forward to spring.  So show it, already!

Trade in all that tired holiday decor for what’s new and what’s next. Brighten up your home with fresh new candle scents and exciting new looks in candle holders. It’s all there in the new, bright and cheery, glowing-with-possibilities PartyLite Winter/Spring 2015 catalog

Need some inspiration? Check out this little video for some cool ideas, and get your 2015 glow going right away!