PartyLite Has Great Ideas for Your Wedding!

by Jodi Teal

Planning a wedding sometime in the next year?  

If your wedding dreams are big, but your wedding budget isn’t, you can still have your dream wedding. Check out this story from a PartyLite Consultant:

One of the Consultant’s best Customers called her the minute her daughter got engaged.  She and her daughter picked out candle and flower holders that worked perfectly for centerpieces. Then, they went to work earning them.  

The bride, her mom and her maid-of-honor each hosted PartyLite Parties. The bride was able to get most of her centerpieces at NO COST by using Host Credits.  She got the rest as Half-Price Items. They had huge fun during those pre-wedding weeks, avoided an enormous florist charge and created absolutely charming centerpieces that looked – and were – totally original.

“You can afford terrific centerpieces easily with all of our special discounts for people hosting Parties – at home or even online,” says Joan Connor, President of PartyLite North America. “You can earn gifts for the wedding party and guests, too. In fact, if you have a few months before your wedding, you can do even better.  Lots of savvy brides-to-be are opening their own PartyLite businesses and earning the extra money they need for the wedding of their dreams.”

If you’ve got the time, PartyLite has the answer. Just ask your Consultant, or check out the PartyLite website for wedding decor:

As for centerpieces, take a fast look at some amazing choices:

•  In the center of each table, create a gorgeous, romantic glow with unscented GloLite by PartyLite Pillar Candles

wedding glolites.jpg

•  Check out the Clearly Creative Collection of versatile, clear glass candle holders for a stunning combination of candles and flowers your guests will love.

•  The Symmetry Trio works beautifully, too.  Add a few floral sprigs and voila! Your centerpieces are simple, stunning and remarkably affordable – maybe even free.  

The Secret to PartyLite Home Fragrances

by Jodi Teal

Do you absolutely adore fantastic fragrances? Of course you do.  But choosing one personal fragrance to wear forever can be intimidating. So much advice out there!  

Don’t trust those little strips in stores. Don’t buy until you’re way past the blow-off, through the middle notes, deep into the bass tones.  Buy a great classic to be safe. Or don’t, to be daring.  Never wear strong scents in the office or on an airplane. Spritz or spray? Floral or fruity? Pay $150 for a little tiny bottle and then hope, just hope, you’ve chosen the right one.

Wait just a minute.  

You don’t have to wear a fragrance to truly savor it. You can surround yourself and your loved ones at home with the greatest fragrances in the world for just pennies at a time. And you never have to settle for just one.  You can change fragrances whenever the mood or the season or the occasion motivates you. It’s that easy.

“The world’s best home fragrances are a luxury everyone can afford,” says Joan Connor, President, PartyLite North America. “The great secret is that PartyLite home fragrances – whether delivered via the world’s best scented candles or through a wealth of innovative, high-quality flameless fragrance modes – are made from exactly the same basic ingredients as the world’s most expensive perfumes. They’re created especially for PartyLite by the world’s most renowned fragrance houses!”

PartyLite makes it easy to fill your rooms with superb fragrances that express your personality, welcome your guests, please your friends and family, create exactly the right mood, or capture the delights of the season.  A quick example: You can buy a PartyLite scented jar candle for $15, and it will last for 40-60 hours.  Now that’s a luxury you deserve and can afford.

For a host of amazing fragrance choices, check out the new PartyLite new fragrance guide.  

There are fragrances that do double-duty, too – as subtle replacements for kitchen or pet or mud room odors or turning your bathroom into your own personal spa.  Are you Fruits & Citrus? Are you Floral?  Maybe Herbal & Woodsy?  Edible & Spicy?  Or just plain Fresh & Clean?

Guess what?  You don’t have to choose just one. You can afford to try them all.

PartyLite Mother's Day Votive and Tealight Sets

by Jodi Teal

Need an adorable gift for Mother's Day gift? Nature's Love™ by PartyLite sets are sure to be loved by mom. The collection now includes three collectable garden friends -  hedgehog, bunny and froggy. Each holder is painted with a matte-finished resin. Add a votive or tealight in your mom’s favorite fragrance for a personal touch – and present. What a way to get on her “favorite” list this year!

Best Summer Job Ever!

by Jodi Teal

If you are looking for a fun and flexible summer job, want to pay off a few bills or start saving for a family vacation, then you will want to take a closer look at the PartyLite Starter Kit.

One of the most valuable resources that every new PartyLite independent Consultant has when starting a business is the generous and gorgeous PartyLite Starter Kit. The kit has an abundance of PartyLite fragrance samples, full-size candles and the latest candle holders and home decor accessories. It's ready to go, ready to display and ready to help you present the complete PartyLite sensory experience – smell, touch and love!

The amazing PartyLite Starter Kit contains:

Home Decor Accessories
▪   Resort Lantern – Medium
▪   Symmetry Trio’
▪   Tranquility Hurricane*
▪   Universal Tealight Tree* (inside Tranquility Hurricane)
▪   Clearly Creative GloLite Jar Candle Holder
▪   ScentGlow™ Warmer – Butterfly ColorGlo
▪   Pewter Tone Pillar Tray
▪   Garden Gate Candle Sleeve
▪   Vine Mosaic Votive Holder

Fragrances and Candles
▪   Juicy Clementine GloLite by Partylite™ Pillar
▪   Tropical Waters GloLite by Partylite Pillar
▪   Cucumber Ginger Mint Glolite by Partylite Pillar
▪   Wild Strawberry GloLite by PartyLite Jar Candle (PartyLite donates a portion of each sale to the Children's Miracle Network!)
▪   Forbidden Fruits by Partylite™ Kiwi Kiss Votives – 6 Pack 
▪   Citrus Peel & Sage Votives – 6 Pack
▪   Sea Breeze & Olive Universal Tealight™ Candles –12 Pack
▪   Mango Tangerine Universal Tealight Candles - 12 Pack
▪   Vanilla Citron Scent Plus™ Melts 9-Pc Tray
▪   Little Black Box - wax-filled samplers in all 42 Winter/Spring fragrances, fragrance map insert provided in literature box; simply slip into case.

While the full* Starter Kit is valued at more than $350 and includes the Tranquility Hurricane and tealight tree, a new Consultant can choose to earn the kit at no-out-of-pocket cost!

Or Start for Just $99!
Ask your Consultant how to purchase an optional kit for just $99 and start earning right away!

This kit has everything but the Tranquility Hurricane and tealight tree; however, every new Consultant can add one of eight popular PartyLite hurricanes or candle holders to this kit for only $25. 

Visit our website to learn more, or connect with a PartyLite Consultant to get started today. Summer is the right time to add extra cash to your household income. 

Take a Fresh Whiff of Spring 5 Delicious Ways!

by Jodi Teal

March 20 is the first day of spring and the perfect time to refresh the fragrance in your home! Here are five recommendations that will add fun and fresh fragrance to your new season.

Go Green with St. Patrick's Day Candle Decor

by Jodi Teal

What's your favorite St. Patrick's Day candle decor?
PartyLite Consultant Michelle Grisi Winterrowd uses her Majestic Hearth Hurricane as a base and adds a fun fillers and candles.

"My favorite go-to item for my Majestic is holiday themed wire,” Michelle says. “I wrapped it around the eight-tealight stand [a safe distance from lit candles] and filled the bottom with a lei. I also placed a leprechaun gel cling on the glass and finished it off with PartyLite white and green tealights!"

Fun and festive, Michelle! 

Have a favorite PartyLite DIY to share for St. Patrick's Day? Post your photo and a caption on the PartyLites Facebook page and let all our fans ooh and ahhh over your creation! Happy St. Pat’s to all!

4 Qualities That Make PartyLite Candles The Best

by Jodi Teal

Using our 100 years of expertise, we love crafting quality candles to fill your home with appealing fragrance and inviting candlelight. We also take pride that PartyLite candles are safe, clean-burning and long-lasting. Here's why:

1. The Fragrances
We work with the finest fragrance houses in the world to develop a vast palette of welcoming scents.
• Years of scientific research and perfumery training go into creating our fragrances.
• One scent can contain up to 100 different ingredients.
• We search the globe for the highest quality sources for our fragrances, using
only the finest natural essential oils and manufactured ingredients.
• Each candle form delivers a different amount of fragrance, from lightly scented to highly fragranced. Select the form with the right amount of fragrance for you!
• All fragrances comply with worldwide safety standards established by the International Fragrance Association.

3 candles.jpg

2. Proprietary Wax Formula
• All PartyLite candles feature our proprietary wax formula, a custom blend of high- quality natural wax and food-grade paraffin that is specially crafted to deliver the very best fragrance experience and performance.
• Our expertise, derived from over 100 years of candle-making, guides our formula creation process from start to finish.
• The wax blend differs for every candle form to achieve the perfect balance of appealing fragrance and a clean, long-lasting burn.
• Our wax blends are free from harmful impurities and are safe for consumers and the environment. All wax formulas are compliant with worldwide regulatory and safety standards.


3. The Wicks
Lead-free, 100% cotton wicks provide a clean and even burn.
• A specific wick is chosen for each candle form to ensure the best wax consumption.
• PartyLite selects from over 100 wick designs to find the perfect match for every candle!




4. Proudly Crafted in the United States

Our candles are meticulously made in America using premium ingredients from around the world.

• PartyLite candles are stringently tested for exceptional performance and quality and are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 




By following the National Candle Association's fire safety and candle guidelines and using PartyLite quality candles, we believe you will have the best candle experience available anywhere! 

PartyLite Winter/Spring Fundraising, New Fragrances and Forms!

by Jodi Teal

If you haven’t heard the good news, PartyLite has a fantastic fundraising program to help organizations and causes. It’s super easy, returns 50% profit back to the organization, and directly ships to the seller so your organization doesn't have to store, sort or distribute. Here's how it works... 

1. Choose a candle form:

2. Choose a fragrance:

3. Turn in the order! 

That's it!  Your PartyLite Consultant will do the rest and help you along the way with questions. So how much money can your organization really raise? Calculate your organization's profit

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 6.09.04 AM.png

he fundraising program is one more way we show how much PartyLite Cares for important causes in every community - including yours.

Have questions? Want to learn more? Contact your Consultant or connect with one today!