PartyLite Says ‘More Is More’ When Talking Holiday Candles

by Jodi Teal

The great 20th century architect, Mies van der Rohe, defined Modernism by often quoting the aphorism, “Less is More.” 

But when it comes to fall-holiday entertaining, we have to side with the great Dolly Parton, who defined her own personal style with the quip, “More is More.”

Truth is, you can never have too many candles! So here are tips for celebrating the season with “more-is-more” style at your house:

1. Candles say, “Welcome!” How about luminaria lining your walkway? How about a welcoming group of candles in your front hall entryway?

2. Go for a grouping - or several! PartyLite pillar gardens are instant groupings! They’re put together in sets of three. Same color family, three different heights.

3. Create a mantel! If you have a fireplace, your mantel is the perfect place for lots and lots of candles. If you don’t, just hang up a nice big shelf and create your own – after all, that’s all a mantel is, really. Fill your shelf with lots and lots of different candles, holiday greens and favorite decorations.  

4. Double or nothing!  Want to double your grouping? Set it in front of a mirror. Instantly, you have twice as many candles burning brightly. Gorgeous!

5. If you love it, multiply it! Multiples create magic on your walls. Any sconce you love adds drama and candlelight to your walls. So hang up three of them. Or five of them. Or seven. Now you’ve got a real glow on – try it and see! Is there a candle holder you crave? Don’t just settle for a pair – go for a whole bunch of them.  

6. Serve candles as a first course! Want to make your holiday table even brighter? Put a votive or small pillar (in a holder) on top of each place setting. When your guests are seated, just tell them to set their candle down on the table above their place setting. In addition to any other candles you’ve used, you now have, maybe, a dozen more candles glowing and gleaming, from one end of the table to the other.

7. Leave no space behind! This is the time to fill every space in the room with candles. No worries – you’re going to be in the room throughout your holiday dinner. So put candles on side tables, coffee tables, buffets, bookshelves, window sills. What about that corner? Do you have an open floor plan?  Can you see the kitchen island? If so, fill it with candlelight, and go for the glow.  Why? Why not? After all, when it comes to the holidays, “More is definitely More.”  

PartyLite Statement Pieces Add WOW to Your Décor

by Jodi Teal

Decorators always talk about “statement pieces.”  What does that mean?  Simply put, it’s something that always makes people say WOW!

Well, how about a $35,000 armoire?  (Probably not.)   Maybe a $10,000 Japanese screen?  (Not likely.)   Perhaps a $5,000 antique French chair? (OK, get real, right?)

The good news is that PartyLite is loaded with statement pieces right now – amazing pieces that will create the “WOW” factor you want at a way more affordable price.  Let’s check out a few examples:

Enjoy the Glow, but Keep it Low - Tips for Holiday Centerpieces

by Jodi Teal

With the holiday entertaining season nearly here, let’s talk centerpieces. 

How often have you sat at a table where the flowers and candles formed a great big, tall barrier to conversation?  Ever nudged them out of the way in a restaurant or at a wedding?  Ever had people move them on your own dining room table?

There’s a better way...enjoy the glow, but keep it low!

The old-fashioned kind of holiday centerpiece – that huge, centered floral arrangement with tall candlesticks on either side – may look great in a photo, but it rarely lets folks on one side of the table see the folks across from them. So this year, why not go for an easier, more current look?  

Here’s how: 

1. Think horizontally. Consider a pretty runner down the middle, starting at one end of the table and traveling all the way across to other end. Arrange your candles and flowers on the runner from side to side. Mix up votives, pillars and tealights in odd numbers. Add flowers in low vases or holders, just a few sprigs at a time.

2. Think clearly (as in “clear glass”). You can still enjoy the drama of a centerpiece, but skip the elaborate floral arrangement.  Instead, choose the Clearly Creative Elevated Votive Centerpiece. It’s 12 ¼” high and made of clear glass. You fill the bottom with seasonal items – ornaments, holiday balls, pine cones – and the top with four votives or tealights. Beautiful!  

CC votive.jpg

More Clear Glass Thinking. Think about adding a couple sets of the Clearly Creative Eclectic Votive Trio. Add three votive holders of varied heights (none taller than 5 ¼”) on each side of the centerpiece. Fill the bottoms with greens or pine cones, and your table will become a holiday dream come true. You’ll find yourself using this formula all year long. All you need to do is change the seasonal props. 

3. Think Dramatically. Check out the new Embrace Collection. This modern group includes the Embrace Centerpiece – a sleek, low contemporary piece (only 3½” tall) that fills 16 ½” of your table horizontally. The matte-finished white resin exterior bursts into shiny gold inside. Lots of drama!  It holds four beautiful votives or tealights.

Warm Up Your Rooms This Fall with Texture

by Jodi Teal

We’re craving a renewed sense of warmth and welcome for our rooms now. And interior designers have a great secret for helping us get it:  Add some TEXTURE.   

We see textured surfaces with our eyes; we touch them with our hands. Texture draws us in.  So, we reach for nubby sweaters. We put a cozy throw on the sofa.  We bring out a warm, thick area rug.  We stack a pile of roughly textured logs by the fireplace and leave a bowl of tasty textured walnuts on the coffee table.  

Fireplace or not, we go for the glow with candlelight.  And this fall, PartyLite helps us put even more terrific texture in our rooms with candles and holders that bring it on:   

Nature’s Light™ by PartyLite – Crackling wooden wicks capture the charm of a genuine wood fire. Woodgrain-textured glass jar candles come in five seasonal scents and burn for 40-60 hours.  Or choose a 3-wick candle in either White Cedar Leaf or Autumn Glow for stronger fragrance throw and 30-50 hours of burn time.  

GloLite by PartyLite®- Famous around the globe as The World’s Brightest Candle™, GloLite candles lend a wonderful sense of texture to any room.  They glow from top to bottom (dazzling!) with the added sense of a crackled candle surface, or so it appears. And this year, don’t forget to buy a set of the new color-changing candle base.  You can buy white GloLite candles and use the bases to turn the candles different colors in a continuous display.  

Vienna Collection – Texture also suggests a hand-crafted surface, and the new Vienna Collection is exactly that – waves of mosaic glass, hand applied by gifted artisans, making each piece varied and unique. Gorgeous texture you’ll want to keep forever. Check out the stunning Vienna Tealight Trio on their metal stands 

Konfetti - For eye-popping contemporary texture, don’t miss Konfetti, the super modern group covered in glass bead mosaic.  There’s an outrageous hurricane, a little bombshell of a votive/tealight holder and even a ScentGlow®Warmer to really warm things up

Make Fall Fabulous at Your House

by Jodi Teal

Can you believe it? Labor Day is this weekend! Ready or not, here comes FALL – the season everybody loves.  

Leaves turn all those glorious colors (in many areas, at least). Temperatures are cool. Football and cider are hot. You’re wrapping up in your favorite sweaters. And the air is glorious – filled with those spectacular fall fragrances.

It’s the perfect time to wrap your rooms in cozy fall fragrances, too. And this year, PartyLite has enticing new scents to make it happen at your house. 

Check out the PartyLite Autumn Spice collection for yourself: 

The PartyLite Seasonal Shadows Fragrance Warmer. This versatile, painted globe can be used as a fragrance warmer or tealight holder.  The removable metal frame holds a glass dish to diffuse the fragrance of Scent Plus Melts® heated by one tealight. Or you can remove the frame and dish and simply use the tealight. Either way, the tealight shines through the leaf shapes on the soft, deep burnt orange globe, casting beautiful fall shadows on your table. Dramatic, seasonal and totally terrific. $30 each. 

The PartyLite Festive Pumpkin Tealight Trio consists of three blown-glass pumpkins in flaming fall red, with charming metal leaf details. At 4” high, they’re perfect on your fall dining table, surrounding an arrangement of fall flowers or leaves, perhaps? They hold the tealights of your choice, and you’ll love them for years to come. $35/set of 3. 

The PartyLite Joy of Autumn™ Scented Candle Trio brings you three adorable pumpkin-shaped glass jar candles in one each of three season-perfect scents – Golden Birch, Pumpkin Apple Cider and Mulberry – in three lovely fall colors, topped with a decorative ribbon. Each candle burns 30-40 hours for a fall filled with cozy warmth in the rooms of your choice.  $30/set of 3. 

Hey, cool nights are coming your way. Get ready to make them cozy!

PartyLite Fall/Holiday Fundraising, New Fragrances and Forms!

by Jodi Teal

If you haven’t heard the good news, PartyLite has a fantastic fundraising program to help organizations and causes. It’s super easy, returns 50% profit back to the organization, and directly ships to the seller so your organization doesn't have to store, sort or distribute. Here's how it works...  

1. Choose a candle form.

2. Choose a fragrance.

3. Turn in the order.

That's it!  Your PartyLite Consultant will do the rest and help you along the way with questions.

So how much money can your organization really raise? 

Calculate your organization's profit:

4 blog.jpg

The fundraising program is one more way we show how much PartyLite Cares for important causes in every community - including yours.

Have questions? Want to learn more? Contact your Consultant or connect with one today!

PartyLite Has Great Ideas for Your Wedding!

by Jodi Teal

Planning a wedding sometime in the next year?  

If your wedding dreams are big, but your wedding budget isn’t, you can still have your dream wedding. Check out this story from a PartyLite Consultant:

One of the Consultant’s best Customers called her the minute her daughter got engaged.  She and her daughter picked out candle and flower holders that worked perfectly for centerpieces. Then, they went to work earning them.  

The bride, her mom and her maid-of-honor each hosted PartyLite Parties. The bride was able to get most of her centerpieces at NO COST by using Host Credits.  She got the rest as Half-Price Items. They had huge fun during those pre-wedding weeks, avoided an enormous florist charge and created absolutely charming centerpieces that looked – and were – totally original.

“You can afford terrific centerpieces easily with all of our special discounts for people hosting Parties – at home or even online,” says Joan Connor, President of PartyLite North America. “You can earn gifts for the wedding party and guests, too. In fact, if you have a few months before your wedding, you can do even better.  Lots of savvy brides-to-be are opening their own PartyLite businesses and earning the extra money they need for the wedding of their dreams.”

If you’ve got the time, PartyLite has the answer. Just ask your Consultant, or check out the PartyLite website for wedding decor:

As for centerpieces, take a fast look at some amazing choices:

•  In the center of each table, create a gorgeous, romantic glow with unscented GloLite by PartyLite Pillar Candles

wedding glolites.jpg

•  Check out the Clearly Creative Collection of versatile, clear glass candle holders for a stunning combination of candles and flowers your guests will love.

•  The Symmetry Trio works beautifully, too.  Add a few floral sprigs and voila! Your centerpieces are simple, stunning and remarkably affordable – maybe even free.  

The Secret to PartyLite Home Fragrances

by Jodi Teal

Do you absolutely adore fantastic fragrances? Of course you do.  But choosing one personal fragrance to wear forever can be intimidating. So much advice out there!  

Don’t trust those little strips in stores. Don’t buy until you’re way past the blow-off, through the middle notes, deep into the bass tones.  Buy a great classic to be safe. Or don’t, to be daring.  Never wear strong scents in the office or on an airplane. Spritz or spray? Floral or fruity? Pay $150 for a little tiny bottle and then hope, just hope, you’ve chosen the right one.

Wait just a minute.  

You don’t have to wear a fragrance to truly savor it. You can surround yourself and your loved ones at home with the greatest fragrances in the world for just pennies at a time. And you never have to settle for just one.  You can change fragrances whenever the mood or the season or the occasion motivates you. It’s that easy.

“The world’s best home fragrances are a luxury everyone can afford,” says Joan Connor, President, PartyLite North America. “The great secret is that PartyLite home fragrances – whether delivered via the world’s best scented candles or through a wealth of innovative, high-quality flameless fragrance modes – are made from exactly the same basic ingredients as the world’s most expensive perfumes. They’re created especially for PartyLite by the world’s most renowned fragrance houses!”

PartyLite makes it easy to fill your rooms with superb fragrances that express your personality, welcome your guests, please your friends and family, create exactly the right mood, or capture the delights of the season.  A quick example: You can buy a PartyLite scented jar candle for $15, and it will last for 40-60 hours.  Now that’s a luxury you deserve and can afford.

For a host of amazing fragrance choices, check out the new PartyLite new fragrance guide.  

There are fragrances that do double-duty, too – as subtle replacements for kitchen or pet or mud room odors or turning your bathroom into your own personal spa.  Are you Fruits & Citrus? Are you Floral?  Maybe Herbal & Woodsy?  Edible & Spicy?  Or just plain Fresh & Clean?

Guess what?  You don’t have to choose just one. You can afford to try them all.