PartyLite ‘Footed’ Candleholders Add Energy, Drama to Decor

by Jodi Teal

There’s something wonderful about “footed” pieces. They bring instant energy to your table.

Think about wine glasses. Yes, there are those little round stemless ones that can go in the dishwasher. But a footed wine glass is so much lovelier to see and to hold. 

Same for martini glasses. The really cool ones have stems. Sort of like the martini glasses in those glamorous 1930s movies or in Mad Men episodes. And great margarita glasses? Always footed, for sure.

The same is true for many kinds of tabletop pieces. You can bring a fabulous dessert to the table in any old bowl. But if you serve it in a dramatic footed bowl, it sends a message from up there on its own pedestal, “Here comes something really special!”   

Footed candleholders do the same thing. They create a real sense of energy and drama. The PartyLite Mosaic Pedestal Hurricane is a great example: 

And the new Forbidden Fruits Vine Tealight Trio conveys the same kind of glamour, with the added drama of a grouping at three different heights:

You can also elevate scented candles to get a footed look. In fact, a really great idea is to invest in a simple PartyLite footed candle stand, such as the Just Desserts 3-Wick Jar Candle Stand.  It’s charming for the holidays with this year’s new Nutcracker Layered 3-Wick Jar Candle, but you can use it year-round with any PartyLite Pillar Candle or Jar Candle you choose. 

Same for the Just Desserts Petite Votive Holders. They come with a snuffer lid and a decorated glass cup to hold either votives or tealights. You can put any of them on their own little pedestals all year long.

So, why not put your best foot forward, and see how your favorite PartyLite footed candleholders can add energy, glamour and drama to your life! Oh, and don’t forget the scented candles!

The Magic of Mosaic Comes to Light at PartyLite This Season

by Jodi Teal

Is there a decorating element that works seamlessly with every style? Yes! Mosaic does.  

What exactly is a “mosaic”? It’s a picture or pattern produced by arranging together small colored pieces of hard material – such as glass, stone, clay or tile.   

Whether your style is contemporary or traditional … or eclectic … or country … or pretty much anything else … mosaic fits right in, adding texture and drama and a sense of history wherever you put it.  

Maybe that’s because it really is one of the very oldest design elements in human history. The ancient Greeks and Romans used mosaic. So did the Byzantines. Take a look at this famous image of the first Byzantine Emperor, Justinian, with his crew. (He ruled from 527-565 A.D.) The entire piece is mosaic. Take a close look at the wall behind all the guys.


Could that not be a modern-day kitchen backsplash? And speaking of those mosaic tile backsplashes we all love, have you noticed how great they look with traditional or country kitchen cabinets?

PartyLite knows that mosaic glass is super fabulous in any setting. And when you add in the glow of candlelight, you double the drama. That’s why, for truly glittery nights, you surely want some pieces from the current collection of PartyLite candle holders and fragrance accessories.

There’s the incredibly popular Vienna Hurricane with its own tealight tree, as well as the stunning Vienna Votive Holder and Vienna Tealight Trio.  

And new this season, a mosaic collection designed for drama and dazzle, including the glittery City Lights Votive Holder and magically metallic City Lights ScentGlow® Warmer – all crafted in beautiful mosaic glass to convey a sense of true artistry. Are they contemporary? Sure. But their glow will add exactly the right touch to your traditional or country décor, too – for the upcoming fall and holiday seasons and straight through the years to come. 

Be sure to check with your PartyLite Consultant about how to add any or
all of these stunning mosaic pieces to your holiday décor for free! Party time!

The Perfect Gift for a Grad Heading Off to College? Think Flameless Fragrance!

by Jodi Teal

There are occasionally used spaces where fragrance is a blessing, but a candle may not be the best way to go.  Mud rooms, man-caves, locker rooms, for instance. 

The same is true for college dorm rooms. Kids are always dashing in and out of them. But college rooms really need fragrance! 

Just picture dirty laundry in the corner that never quite makes it into the laundry bag – until Christmas break. Wet towels. Smelly sneakers under the bed? Seriously.

That’s why the absolutely perfect gift for a college-bound student is flameless fragrance.   And PartyLite has so many great choices:

SmartScents by PartyLite™

Fragrance-infused sticks made of rolled paper crafted of wood from a responsibly managed forest. Fourteen inviting scents to choose from - each one lasting up to 30 days. And you can pick any one of nine different ceramic or sandstone holders to hold them. No flame, no spills, no mess. Couldn’t be easier!  Restock your student’s supply with new scents in a Christmas stocking!

ScentGlow® Warmers

More than a dozen wonderful warmers – so you can pick the perfect one for your college-bound student. Add in a supply of Scent Plus® Melts, and you’re all set. ScentGlow Warmers are so easy to use.  Simply place 2 to 4 melts to the dish, plug it in, turn it on and enjoy the fragrance. There’s even a collection of four Fresh Home by PartyLite melts formulated to help eliminate unpleasant odors!

With both of these great flameless fragrance options, there are dozens of wonderful fragrances to choose from. Your student (and/or your student’s roommates) can also invent their own favorite scent by combining two or more fragrance forms together.  It’s fun, it’s easy and, most important - it works!

PartyLite Redesigns Escential Jar - New Curved Shape Makes a Beloved Candle Even Better

by Jodi Teal

The very word “curves” suggests something sensual – and beautiful – and definitely feminine.

One of the most famous and beautiful buildings in the world is all about curves. It’s the cathedral in Brasilia, designed in the 1960s by famed Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer.

Niemeyer’s curves changed modern architecture forever. He wrote, “I am attracted to free-flowing sensual curves.  The curves that I find in the mountains of my country, in the sinuousness of its rivers, in the waves of the ocean and on the body of the beloved woman.”   

PartyLite understands the powerful attraction of curved shapes, too. And, as always, PartyLite loves to create beautiful products that make for an even better candle experience.

That’s why PartyLite is introducing the beautifully redesigned Escential Jar Candle, its most popular, fastest-selling candle ever! (It sold over 1 million within seven months of introduction in 2013, and has now sold nearly over 4 million!)

These sensually curved jar candles are lovely! And their exclusive new design makes your candle experience even better:

·       The flared opening releases more of the highly scented fragrance you love.

·       The unique tapered design creates the cleanest burn ever, with no wasted wax.

·       The exclusive shape of the base tells you when the candle’s burn time has ended.

The Escential Jar Candles let you enjoy 40-60 hours of rich fragrance. They also come in a huge variety of colors and in over 30 distinctive scents.

Finally, the Escential Jar Candles make fabulous gifts, so they arrive in pretty new gift packaging.

If you could be magically transported to Brazil, you’d see people lighting candles inside Niemeyer’s glorious curved cathedral.  

But right this very minute, you can treat yourself to the joyful experience of lighting up your own curved Escential Jar Candle, wherever you happen to be.

The Holidays Are Right Around the Corner - Get Ready with PartyLite!

by Jodi Teal

The weather outside may be 90°, but for candle lovers everywhere, the most wonderful time of the year starts right now.  

Why? Because the new PartyLite Fall/Holiday 2015 Catalog and Halloween Flyer are here!  

You don’t have to wait one more day to discover all the fabulous new candles, heavenly scents and décor delights for the upcoming season.

If you’re already thinking ahead to everyone’s favorite season of the year, welcome to Christmas in July from PartyLite!  Get ready for:

·      16 NEW fragrances

·      37 NEW décor items

·      Over 50 Great Gifts under $50

·      An enchanting array of holiday delights in the great PartyLite tradition

·      Gorgeous Lisa Hoffman for PartyLite fragrance jewelry

Here’s a tempting sneak peak to get you started:

The new silvery, sparkly and shimmery Silver Snowflake Tealight Tree

The new silvery, sparkly and shimmery Silver Snowflake Tealight Tree

Nordic Wonder Lantern for hosts, with 4 panels to customize for each season

Nordic Wonder Lantern for hosts, with 4 panels to customize for each season

New Woodland Deer Votive Hurricane brings the season’s glow

New Woodland Deer Votive Hurricane brings the season’s glow

And there’s more – wonderful new fall candles, a brand new look for PartyLite Escential Jars, warm and comforting scents, and can you believe there’s even a ScentGlow®Warmer Fireplace?

Gift-giving has never been this easy! Plan now to have the most popular gifts under the tree by giving from these collections: Lisa Hoffman for PartyLite® Fragrance Jewelry, Forbidden Fantasy by PartyLite, Market Fresh Fragrances from the Farmstand, adorable new animals in the Nature’s Love Collection and much, much more.

Ask your PartyLite Consultant for your own catalog, or check it out online. It’s filled with sweet surprises and glorious ideas for the upcoming season. Put it at the head of your summer reading list.  Bring it with you to the beach or pool. You’ll soon be shivering with delight!  

A Pinch of This or a Snip of That? PartyLite Gives You the Exact Recipe for Burning Candles Beautifully

by Jodi Teal

Vine Mosaic Hurricane and Votive Holder photo by @annakaisatiikkaja

Ever ask your Mom or Grandmother for a cherished recipe?  And she says, “Just put in a pinch of this and a snip of that and another pinch or two of such-and-such....”

Yikes!  You want the real recipe!  But it only exists in her sweet head. 

It’s a little like that for us candle lovers, too. We know we’re supposed to snip some wicks and pinch back some wax, but sometimes we aren’t exactly sure which candles to snip or pinch!

Fear not. 

PartyLite tells you exactly which candles to snip -- the wicks, that is -- and to pinch -- the wax, that is -- so you can be sure your gorgeous PartyLite candles will burn safely and beautifully! 

Check out the charts below. You’ll see, for instance, that you snip the wicks on all jar candles except those with wooden wicks. You snip the wicks on tapers and pillars, too. You snip them all down to ¼” length. That’s it!  No need to snip wicks on tealights or votives at all.  It’s pretty simple.

As for pinching back or “hugging” the wax, that’s easy, too. Just check the chart.  

If only Mom or Grandma had a recipe that clear!  Oh well, just try it her way.  It might help if you light up a beautiful PartyLite jar candle while you’re stirring the pot.

News Flash for Recent Grads Seeking a Job: PartyLite Has One for You Right Now!

by Jodi Teal

Hey there, recent graduate. We know how you’re feeling.  

Graduation was great! All that celebration felt terrific. And the gift money covered a cool new cell phone. Now you’re out there on your job search, and you’re discovering that it’s kind of tough.  

You send out résumés, but you don’t get responses.

You follow up, but the person you need to reach is on vacation.   

Meanwhile, you have bills to pay and your student loans are coming due. Right now, summer doesn’t feel all that wonderful.  

Well, here’s an idea:  How about starting your own PartyLite business and becoming a PartyLite Independent Consultant? 

You don’t have to wait around hoping for an interview with a potential new boss because when you start your own PartyLite business, you ARE the boss! You can manage your own time, earn good money right away, and have a lot of fun meeting new people, too.

Hey, you can even earn your next vacation, courtesy of PartyLite – FREE!

And you can do business your way – at Parties, online, on Facebook, even one-on-one.  You’ll get all the training and tools and personal help you need and tons of great support. With PartyLite, you’re on your own but you’re never alone.   

You can get started right away by purchasing your Starter Kit for $99. Or find out how to get your Starter Kit for free. You can run your own PartyLite business for the summer or for as long as you like. It’s all up to you.  (Hint: The best gift season of the year is just ahead, and PartyLite has gifts for everyone. Just sayin’….)

So why let the summer job slump get you down? Join the Party and launch your own PartyLite business right now. Talk to a PartyLite Consultant you know, or click here to connect to someone who can get you going … and help you make this a summer you won’t forget! 

Celebrate Your Nation’s Birthday in PartyLite Style!

by Jodi Teal

In the United States, it’s the Fourth of July – Independence Day. In Canada, it’s the First of July - Canada Day. In both countries, it’s the nation’s birthday. Time to celebrate!

There are parades and fireworks. There are concerts, carnivals, fairs and picnics. And, of course, there are barbecues.

So what’s your plan? Want to celebrate in style? PartyLite makes it easy. Just don’t forget the birthday candles! Here are a few beyond-the-barbecue ideas:

Pre-Parade Brunch – If there’s a parade, everybody needs to eat first, right? How about a wonderful late breakfast/early brunch served indoors or out. Maybe a Pancake Brunch? Maybe French toast? Quiche? A fresh fruit salad? Your table just needs some flag decorations, a pile of pretty plates and some brightly colored cloth napkins. Then, light up some wonderful candles.  PartyLite Melon Mint Scented Jar Candles would be perfect! 

Post-Parade Lunch – Everybody’s hungry again after the parade, too. It’s the perfect time for cold cuts, a few salads, a plate of cheeses, a sliced baguette and some fresh fruit. (No cooking needed for this party.) Pitchers of lemonade and iced tea, bowls of ice cream and berries, and you’re all set. As for the birthday candles, your guests will really love a grouping of PartyLite Berry Blossom Scented candles

Post-Fireworks Dessert Party – If everyone’s watching the fireworks, why not turn your event into an after-the-fireworks desserts party? You can bake or buy! A great apple pie, maybe a lemon meringue pie, too. Add in your favorite chocolate cake or brownies, some whipped cream, a big plate of cookies and fresh fruit for the calorie-watchers. For this nighttime party, you’ll surely want some GloLite by PartyLite® candles. They put the crowning touch of happy birthday glimmer right in the center of your table.  

Happy holiday to you and yours – and your nation - from PartyLite! 

Beautiful Summer Evenings? Time to Get Your Candle Glow On!

by Jodi Teal

Ahhhh . . . beautiful, relaxing summer evenings. Who doesn’t love sitting outside when the sun’s going down?  

Whether you have a deck, pool, patio, front porch or even just a little terrace – on a summer night, outdoors is where you yearn to be.

To really get your summer evening glow on, don’t forget to light up your GloLite by PartyLite® candles. They really bring on the magic and take those relaxing summer evenings to the next level of … well, relaxing!

GloLite by PartyLite Peach Honey Citronella Jar Candle. Fluttering Friends Candle Clip also shown is temporarily unavailable.  

GloLite by PartyLite Peach Honey Citronella Jar Candle. Fluttering Friends Candle Clip also shown is temporarily unavailable.  

Thanks to their exclusive, secret technology, PartyLite GloLite candles do what no other candles can. As soon as they’re lit, they instantly shimmer from top to bottom. It’s a wonderful experience to share because the glow is so compelling. It’s a little like what draws people to a fire pit or campfire.

Great, glowing outdoor summer evenings with family or guests can be yours with a couple of GloLite by PartyLite Layered Jar Candles or maybe a handsome GloLite Pillar Trio in your favorite color. The more GloLite candles you light, the more glow you’ll savor.

You’ll love their perfect-for-summer-evenings fragrances, too. Check out the new Peach Honey Citronella. It’s amazing.

So don’t rush inside to wash the dinner dishes. Sit outside for a bit, light up your GloLite by PartyLite candles, and celebrate the beauty of a perfect summer evening. And do it often. You’ll be glad you did.